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Michaelmass Fair
Michaelmass Fair

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Shropshire Way, long-distancepath:

Offa’s Dyke and the historic border with Wales are within about three miles of Bishop’s Castle. The Offa’s Dyke path is open to the public and meanders across remote and beautiful rolling hills. On occasion one can walk all day and never encounter anyone except possibly the odd farmer. There are many other footpaths that join it or loop away from it and one can easily plan both short strolls or long all-day walks.


The Lawley Hill from the Long Mynd

The Stiperstones and the Long Mynd are about six miles away from Bishop’s Castle at their nearest points. They are very distinct in character and geological formation.  There are  plans being implemented to connect both Areas of Outstading Natural Beauty by a wide wildlife corridor.

Bury Ditches

Bury Ditches lies about three miles to the south. It is a large iron-age hill fort with three concentric rings of walls and ditches. There are many paths in the forest below it.

Clun Castle

Clun is situated on the River Clun in the next valley south from Bishop’s Castle and is separated from it by the range of hills which include Bury Ditches. Described by the poet A. E. Houseman as one of the ‘quietest places under the sun’ (also Clunton, Clunbury and Clungunford). It has a castle, an old town hall and some lovely old pubs. It’s about five miles away.


Buttercross Ludlow

Ludlow, twelve miles  to the south-east was once the administrative capitol of the region. It was the seat of the ‘Council of Wales and the Marches’ in the fifteenth century and has a large and magnificent royal castle, later owned by the earls of Powis.  Perched on a hill over the River Teme, it is perhaps the most beautiful town in the British Isles and well repays a day’s visit.


Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury, the county town of Shropshire, lies about twenty-five miles to the north over the watershed of Snail Beach, once the site of Roman lead mines. It’s a beautiful and lively town enclosed in a loop of  the River Severn. It has an excellent museum, many restaurants and pubs, countless examples of fine black-and-white architecture, and delightful shopping with a good market and plenty of small shops.

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